Greetings! I'm Zhi-ning LIU (刘芷宁).

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你好! / Hello! / 안녕하세요! / こんにちは! / Здравствуй! / Bonjour! / Guten Tag! / Hola! / Ciao! / السلام عليكم!

I’m a Ph.D. candidate at Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with the very nice Prof. Hanghang Tong. Before joining UIUC, I received my B.S. and M.Eng. in Computer Science from Jilin University in 2019 and 2022, respectively. Before joining UIUC, I was fortunate to have Prof. Yi Chang as my advisor, and had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jiang Bian, Dr. Wei Cao, Dr. Pengfei Wei, and Prof. Jing Jiang.

My goal is to build practical machine learning systems (check out my open-source projects) that promote fairness and equity. I am particularly interested in developing algorithms and open-source softwares for unbiased, efficient, and robust learning from skewed data in real-world applications. My recent interest lies in graph data mining (ICML’24), class-imbalanced learning (ICML’24,NeurIPS’20,ICDE’20), and fairness-aware machine learning (KDD’24, FAccT’24).

Contact me via:
Mail: zhining.liu[AT] or liu326[AT]

What's new:

"Class-Imbalanced Graph Learning without Class Rebalancing"
Zhining Liu, et al. In ICML'24.
[PDF] [arXiv] [Zhihu/知乎] [Github]
"IMBENS: Ensemble Class-imbalanced Learning in Python"
Zhining Liu, et al. Open-source Python Package.
[PDF] [arXiv] [Zhihu/知乎] [Github] [Documentation] [Example Gallery] [PyPI]
"MESA: Boost Ensemble Imbalanced Learning with MEta-SAmpler"
Zhining Liu, et al. In NeurIPS'20.
[PDF] [arXiv] [Video] [Zhihu/知乎] [Github]
"Self-paced Ensemble for Highly Imbalanced Massive Data Classification"
Zhining Liu, et al. In IEEE ICDE'20.
[PDF] [arXiv] [Video(bilibili)] [Slides] [Zhihu/知乎] [Github] [PyPI]

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IMBENS: class-imbalanced ensemble learning in Python [Python Library]
[PDF] [Documentation] [Gallery] [PyPI] [Changelog] [Zhihu/知乎]

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Imbalanced Learning: paper, code, frameworks, and libraries [Awesome]
[English] [Chinese/中文] [Zhihu/知乎]

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Awesome2ML: a curated list across all machine learning topics [Awesome]
[English] [Chinese/中文] [Zhihu/知乎]

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MESA: Boost Ensemble Imbalanced Learning with MEta-SAmpler [NeurIPS'20]
[PDF] [arXiv] [Video] [Zhihu/知乎]

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Self-paced Ensemble for Highly Imbalanced Massive Data Classification [ICDE'20]
[PDF] [arXiv] [Video] [Slides] [Zhihu/知乎]

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Fun Facts

In the Chinese context, my name is kind of feminine, and many people think that I am a girl before they meet me.
I’m a gamer that enjoys driving and sightseeing in virtual worlds, though I don’t have a driver’s license in the real world.
I’m good at skating, but I can’t ski.

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